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Tourist Attractions In Austin That You Need To Discover!

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on June 8, 2022

Many people flock to Austin, Texas because of its thriving job market, world-class restaurants, entertainment, and excellent educational opportunities. It is an amazing destination offering many tourist attractions in Austin City. You can explore wonderful parks, river access, hike, and bike trails to spend a relaxing weekend. Indulge yourself in good food, amazing music, and collaborative tech culture that is welcoming to visitors. Keep reading to find out more!

The State Capitol, aka Texas Capitol

One of the top tourist attractions in Austin, Texas State Capitol is around since 1888 home to the State Governor and the Chambers of the Texas Legislature. The magnificent structure lies in the heart of a lovely 22-acre park. Along with a number of monuments and statues, the place impresses with its Italian Renaissance Revival style. 

Experience a free 30-minute guided tour of the building, which stands 308 feet tall, making it even taller even than the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Visitors can enjoy a 30-minute stroll along the “Great Walk” while exploring the miniature Statue of Liberty, the Vietnam War monument, and many other things. 

Bullock Texas State History Museum

The Bullock Texas State History Museum presents “The Story of Texas” through interactive displays on three floors. Each floor has a unique style that focuses on the history and culture of Texas. The permanent Story of Texas exhibit has artifacts and displays depicting pivotal moments in Texas’ history. 

The 400-seat IMAX cinema of the museum screens instructive and popular new releases. Throughout the year, the museum conducts a variety of special events, featuring children’s programs and public speeches.

Zilker Metropolitan Park 

Known as one of the popular tourist attractions in Austin, the Zilker Metropolitan Park is famous for the green space it offers. The 351-acre has lush grassy areas and picnic sites excellent for relaxing afternoons. There are also various recreational facilities available to the public. Within the park’s confines are walking routes, volleyball courts, and a disc golf course. 

The park also offers water entertainment for all ages, including canoe and boat rentals, as well as the family-favorite Barton Springs Pool. The Zilker Playscape is a big playground with its own part designated for children aged two to five years. The Zilker Zephyr is a small railway that rides along the water’s edge, another hit with kids. Several notable city-wide events, such as the Austin City Limits Musical Festival and the ABC Kite Fest, are held at the park. 

The Congress Avenue Bridge

Did you know that Austin has the nickname “The Bat City? There are more bats in the city than people living there! Enjoy the nighttime flight of the Mexican free-tailed bats that have made the Congress Avenue Bridge their home. Up to 1.5 million of these mammals take to the sky each evening at dusk from March to November, making it the world’s largest urban bat colony. As they fly beneath the bridge, the result is a spectacular display. Kayaking outings on Lady Bird Lake in the evenings are another excellent option to see the bats.

The Lady Bird Lake

Residents love cruising on the Lady Bird Lake in warm summers making it another one of the top tourist attractions in Austin. There’s nothing like paddling around in a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard while admiring the surrounding tree lines. This 416-acre flowing reservoir is surrounded by hotels and residential buildings. The bulk of the shoreline is accessible to the public, with miles of good walking and cycling trails. 

The 10-mile Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike to run, stroll, and cycle. The urban path leads visitors down the water’s edge, through numerous spots to relax, eat, and even picnic.

The Soco District

Located near Downtown Austin, the Soco district is famous for residents and tourists who wish to spend the day shopping and enjoying casual eateries. The shops that line the avenue are largely boutique or retro clothing stores, attracting both visitors and residents looking for conversation-starting attire.

SoCo also has a diverse range of good restaurants. Many of the restaurants in the area also have outdoor patios, which recent visitors say are great places to people-watch in the hip neighborhood. Swing by The Continental Club for a drink and some live country music at an iconic venue when you’re not shopping or eating. 

Barton Springs Pool

Looking for a place to cool off in the summer heat? Barton Springs Pool is a famous destination to take a casual dip! Throughout the year, the water here remains at a constant 20°C, encompassing 3 acres. It’s a popular hangout spot for Austinites looking to unwind and cool off. 

The grassy tree-lined boundary and pristine water that goes up to 18 feet deep are enjoyed by both locals and tourists. The endangered Barton Springs Salamander, which can only be found in this aquifer, has made the region a protected environment.

Bullock Texas State History Museum

The Bullock Texas State History Museum houses items and displays depicting pivotal moments in the Texas state’s history. The museum has galleries with over 500 artifacts as well as rotating special exhibits that highlight the state’s unique history. The intact hull of the 17th-century La Belle, which was shipwrecked at the Mississippi River’s mouth, is among the artifacts. 

A display of the site of the Alamo fall exhibits on Tejano culture, and programs on the Texas energy sector are among the other exhibits and programs. The museum also offers the biggest IMAX screen in the state that shows special documentaries. Visitors can enjoy snacks and coffee at an outdoor cafe with a patio. 

Austin Nature & Science Center

Those eager to learn about science will do so with passion at the Austin Nature and Science Center. Hands-on exhibits designed to foster relationships with the natural world are available at the center. It’s known for its hands-on displays and programs, as well as its numerous trails and special events for people of all ages. 

The Forest Trail is an outdoor option that contains information about the 45 different types of native trees planted along the path. The center is located in Zilker Metropolitan Park, which is located east of downtown Austin. The park is reachable by public transportation and is totally free!

Mount Bonnell 

Mount Bonnell is one of the famous tourist attractions in Austin due to its abundant photo opportunities and proximity to the city center. It is the city’s highest point, reaching 775 feet and offering views of downtown Austin and the 360 Bridge. It also has a great view of the Colorado River and is a great spot for photographing Austin’s skyline.

To experience it best, make sure to visit Mount Bonnell on clear days. The rugged limestone at the summit of the overlook requires 102 steps to reach. It is surrounded by a forested region of live oak and mountain laurel. It is a beautiful place for tourists who wish to witness the day-end sunset on a mountain hill. 

McKinney Falls State Park

Another great outdoor place to enjoy greenery and waterfalls is the McKinney Falls State Park. This natural setting is a great area to get away from the city and see some of Texas’ most beautiful landscapes. The major corridor for exploration is the 2.8-mile Onion Creek Hike and Bike Trail. 

Aside from the creek, over 9 miles of trails wind through the park’s limestone formations and wooded regions. It allows hikers and cyclists to explore the park’s limestone formations and wooded areas. Visitors to McKinney Falls can unwind at one of the park’s 81 campsites or six cottages after a busy day.

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