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6 Easy Steps for Selling a House in Hawaii

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on March 9, 2022

Are you planning to sell your house and wondering whether now is a good time to sell? Whether you’re reselling your home or selling a new property, now is the best time to sell a house in Hawaii. With high demand and tight supply amid a pandemic, properties are selling for high rates. Buyer demand will increase drastically around the spring season. So, make sure you follow this article to learn the steps for selling a house in Hawaii.

1- Make Your Home Move-In Ready

Pricing is always important, and the more move-in-ready your home is, the more appealing it will be to the public. Renovating your house in a way that makes the seller feel at home is the key. Sellers receive 20-40 showing requests on every listing, so whether your agent arranges private showings or has an open house, your home will receive a lot of attention.

2- Deciding Time for Selling a House in Hawaii

After a strong year of high prices and sales, the pace of selling is still quick in Hawaii. Home sale prices might fluctuate depending on the market, the economy, and the seasons of the year. The market in Hawaii is distinct from that on the mainland.  When selling a house, you should try to time the market to get the best price. Selling a house when the market is in favour of sellers will guarantee you the best return on your property.

What Is the Best Time for Selling a House in Hawaii?

The best months for selling a house in Hawaii are between July to September. As of last year, the median sale price for homes in Hawaii in September was recorded at $587,000. Moreover, houses sold during July were, on an average of 77 i.e., nine days quicker than average.

3- Pricing Your House Rightly

Location plays a vital part in pricing your home. However, even if the property is the perfect size with the perfect parking and view, it isn’t an option if it doesn’t fit a buyer’s budget. Research comparable neighborhoods to get price points. Do not list it by overpricing it and make counteroffers if needed.

A Comparative Market Analysis before Selling a House in Hawaii

A CMA is often conducted before selling a house. It estimates the value of a home by comparing recent sale prices of similar properties in the neighborhood. It is a useful tool for both realtors and their clients, as they assist sellers in determining a reasonable listing price to get a more competitive offer.

4- Presenting Your Home

The first impression is the last impression. Make sure you stick by this rule of thumb when preparing, advertising, and showing your home. Renovating your home in an attractive yet valuable way is the key to targeting sellers. Your buyer wants a house that makes them feel at home. Feeling at home is a combination of warmth and affection. In today’s age of fashion, they also want a luxurious appeal. Make sure you stage your home right before buyer showings.

5- Hawaii Disclosures and Paperwork

The major documents required for selling a house in Hawaii are 2 Forms of ID, a copy of the purchase agreement and addendums, a closing statement, a signed deed, a bill of sale, and an affidavit of title. In Hawaii, sellers are obligated to disclose any personal knowledge of the property’s condition in detail. You can use a standard form provided by your local realtors’ association to make your disclosures.

6- Finding The Right Agent

Selling your house requires plenty of time and effort. Finding the right real estate agent to aid you with this can be daunting. Make sure to find a realtor and their brokerage that looks after your financial needs and wants. Look over the prep work the realtor has accomplished with your home. ‌Recent sales in the region, the marketing plan, and the process for selling it is always kept an eye on.

Having Regentology to Assist You in Selling a House in Hawaii

If you want skilled agents that can make the selling process hassle-free for you, then regentology is the answer. Our network of experienced and professional real estate agents can help you sell your home quickly and at the best price possible in Hawaii.

All you have to do is fill out our simple information form for us to connect you with an experienced real estate agent.

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