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About To Sell Your Home In Pennsylvania? Go Through Our Guide First!

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on April 19, 2022

Are you about to sell your home in Pennsylvania? We understand the nostalgia of memories you may be feeling after letting your house go. Whatever you feel, it’s time to move past those memories for something better. Getting the best buck for your lovely house is the first step in doing that. 

Selling a house is a complex decision. We here at Regentology simplify that complexity for you. It’s a hectic task if you want to receive a decent deal in a short time. It’ll take time, effort, and understanding on your part to complete. If you’re selling a home in Pennsylvania, you’ll need to consider a few things before you proceed.

1- Make Sure You’re In A Seller’s Market 

Congratulations, you’re in luck. 2022 is the year for sellers. There are more people looking to buy properties than there are available homes in a seller’s market. As a result, the seller gains a benefit. 

Just like the rest of the US, Pennsylvania is recording an increase of 15.9% in housing prices. The demand is also high, which gives you an advantage as a seller. Due to a shortage of housing inventory, you can easily land a good deal quickly with the buyer. 

2- The Best Time To Sell Your Home In Pennsylvania

Summer and spring are known as the best times for selling houses. Prices are high, and competition is tough. In contrast, the winter and fall seasons are known as the slowest months for house sales. In our context, you’re the seller. It’s advisable that you opt for the summer season instead. The summer season ensures high sales at the highest prices. 

3- A Reliable Agent To Sell Your Home

One way to sell your home in Pennsylvania is to opt for an FSBO, i.e., for sale by the owner. It can help you save up to 5% or 6% on commissions. But is a small amount of money worth getting the headache of selling a home by yourself?

Selling a home by yourself requires ample effort and energy. Agents have the knowledge, experience, and better access to listings. They know how to filter out time-wasting parties. They can get you a better deal with their strong negotiation skills. 

4- Make Sure You Fix Your House Right

You’ve finally made a choice to put your Pennsylvania home on the market. However, thinking about improving and prepping your home for sale can be a big task. All those minor repairs you were happy to put off until tomorrow could appear to a buyer as huge difficulties. Make sure you cover major repairs first. These can be plumbing, electrical, flooring and roof, and other technical issues. You can then move on to beautifying the house, such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, landscaping the garden, fixing the lighting, etc. 

5- Disclosure Requirements

Before you close on the deal, it’s better to make the buyers aware of any possible material defects that may pop up in your home. Buyers often have a home inspection contingency in their clause. Hiding any defects can result in buyers withdrawing from their offer. 

Sellers are required by state law of Pennsylvania to provide buyers with a clear image of the house’s physical condition. Make sure you complete all seller disclosure requirements before you sell your home in Pennsylvania. 

  • Take a peek at the property’s contents. Appliances that need to be repaired or replaced fall into this category.
  • Keep an eye out for problems in the house’s technological aspects. Electrical, plumbing, and safety systems such as smoke detectors are examples of these.
  • Homeowners association fees, deed restrictions, and additional costs may apply.
  • Look for the lead disclosure section if the house for sale was built before 1978.

6- Move Towards The Closing

It’s finally time to close on your deal. At this stage, the buyer has already given you an offer. You have the option of accepting or counter-offering the buyer’s offer. When you accept an offer, it goes into escrow. Escrow is the period of time between signing a contract and closing. The seller and buyer will select an escrow or title agency, which will function as a neutral third party to oversee the transaction.

During the closing, the buyer and seller will deal with all the final paperwork and funds. The buyer gives you the purchase price, a deed, and other transfer documents, as well as unambiguous ownership of the home or flat. You pay off any outstanding obligations on the property as well as the commissions owed to the real estate agents.

Regentology Is Here To Sell Your Home In Pennsylvania

Regentology network of knowledgeable and experienced professionals can help you sell your home in Pennsylvania fast with a great return. Allow us to pair you up with the most knowledgeable agent in your area. Fill out our brief form, and we’ll put you in touch with a competent real estate agent for a no-obligation consultation.

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