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Regentology Vs Zillow: What’s the Difference!

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on March 21, 2022

Real estate lead generation businesses help agents, teams, and brokers get to the closing table faster by taking care of lead collection and organization. By doing so, they can focus on working with real estate leads that are verified, buyers, and sellers. In this blog, we will discuss completely Regentology Vs Zillow comparison.

Because selecting a real estate lead generation company can be difficult, we dug deep into the top two and compared them side by side so you can make the best decision for your company. Let us assist you in deciding where you should spend your paid lead-generating budget in 2023.

Regentology Vs Zillow

Regentology and Zillow are two of the top real estate sites that facilitate realtors with excellence in their operations. Below, we cover each in detail: 


Zillow’s 229 million monthly unique visitors are used to put real estate brokers in front of active home buyers in their area. Zillow sells Premier Agents display advertising next to listings in certain ZIP codes, with prices varying according to the number of agents competing for space and the median sales price of a home in that market.

Zillow was started in 2004 by former Microsoft executives Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, as well as Spencer Rascoff, a co-founder of, David Beitel, Zillow’s current chief technology officer, and Kristin Acker who is the present senior vice president of Experience Design.

Zillow offers information on around 110 million houses in the United States. The organization provides a variety of services, including house value assessments, value changes over time, aerial views of residences, and prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood. It also gives basic details about a home, such as the square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Users can also acquire estimates for properties that have undergone major renovations among other things. 

Leads from Zillow are either migrated to the Zillow CRM or to whichever CRM you’re using (they are famously collaborative and can connect to just about any platform). Then it’s up to you to handle outreach, nurturing, and conversion. For most markets, pricing starts at $250 per month. So this is the first part of the Regentology Vs Zillow comparison.

Zillow’s lead generation strategy is unusual in that it relies solely on ads on their platform, which is wonderful because buyer intent on Zillow is higher than on Facebook and Google. Zillow’s technology, on the other hand, does not restrict leads from clicking on various agents, so your leads aren’t always exclusive to you. Also, it has a high volume of mostly buyer leads. Additionally, the company’s track record in terms of customer service isn’t great.


Deployed on 1st Jan 2021, Regentology is a comparatively young platform but it has already garnered a massive following and praise from online users. The brainchild of Usman Syed, Regentology’s mission is to connect highly opinionated, on-the-go consumers with the best professionals based on their needs. The company combines technology and a human-powered approach to connect consumers with the best real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals in the area.

The company offers plans for individual realtors, teams, and brokerages. Individual realtors sign up at $299 with a 25% referral fee to avail of several features such as verified leads, access to the AI-based CRM, marketing campaigns, automated follow-up, 365 days support, title and escrow access, home inspector access, and home improvement access. 

Moreover, the team plan also provides the above services for up to 20 agents with access to insurance agents and brokerage plans serve up to 50 agents with the above services plus an extra lender access feature. 

The signup process is simple. Interested folks can fill out the form and provide the relevant information for the sign-up. Once that process is completed, account holders get a welcome call and followed by an intro with their account manager. Regentology provides brokers and agents with an average of 4-6 leads per agent that are pre-screened and verified. In fact, their leads are twice verified against budget, timeline, location, and other vital information. 


Regentology is a fairly new and young organization that has innovative flair. Using technology and a human-powered approach, the platform connects consumers with experienced professionals in the real estate industry and provides intent-verified. However, Zillow is a huge organization that stretches back almost two decades and has millions of monthly visitors. However, Zillow offers a higher volume of buyer leads while Regentology provides geo-targeted leads that are intent-verified. So this concludes the comparison b/w Regentology Vs Zillow. Also read our blog on Pay at Closing For Real Estate.

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