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Athletes Who Made A Fortune Out Of Their Real Estate Investments

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on June 1, 2022

Many celebrities and retired athletes turn to real estate investments to supplement their revenue. While some celebrities have made catastrophic real estate errors, many have had outstanding success in the field. We explore the stars who have built a mark for themselves through real estate because of their dedication to quality of work and effort.

1- Athletes With Successful Real Estate Investments

Professional athletes frequently earn millions and accumulate fortune throughout their lives, so, logically, they spend it on business after retiring. Here are some incredible athletes’ real estate ventures.

i- Magic Johnson

Unlike many other athletes, Magic Johnson did not waste his career money. His income accounts for barely 6% of his total fortune. The retiring LA Laker’s point guard created magic Johnson Enterprises in 1987. His company has grown into a multibillion-dollar behemoth. They’ve worked on 31 urban projects around the country.

They continue to pursue real estate investments, strengthen communities, and assist smaller firms in surviving and expanding. Johnson has kept his assets going. One is a cooperative effort to restore LaGuardia Airport for $8 billion. MJE has teamed with Canyon Capital to fund 30 property investment initiatives across 13 states.

ii- Robbie Fowler

After winning five titles and netting 183 goals for Liverpool, he became recognized for his developing property business when playing for Manchester City in the mid-2000s. Fowler is one of the wealthiest players, having amassed a significant real estate portfolio that includes flats, modest family houses, and larger structures.

He was listed on The Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated wealth of £28 million. Still, his wealth has since risen to almost £31 million. He now shares his knowledge about real estate investments with others through the Robbie Fowler Property Academy, which delivers courses throughout the UK.

iii- Shaquille O’ Neal (Big Shaq)

Shaq is a real estate investor besides being one of the finest basketball players in history. Furthermore, he was a Google investor in the beginning. Also, he was a significant component of several other firms, including Ring doorbells and the Five Guys business. After retiring from NBA, he became even more active in real estate and has been a part of several quality projects.

In 2006, Shaq founded the O’Neal Group, a property investment firm. He began by buying a $65 million moderate housing complex in the Denver region, costing $100 million after upgrades and other expenses. The project included 1,500 units, and the seller would only sell to buyers who agreed to keep the project’s affordability component. He also invested in The Met, a 1,000-unit high-rise building in Miami, in 2006. In addition, he just constructed an $80 million housing project in New Jersey and is planning a $150 million high-rise.

iv- Roger Staubach

After retiring his football helmet and pads, the Hall of Fame quarterback who captained the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl triumphs went to real estate investments. He spent six years working for real estate tycoon Henry Miller Jr. before starting his own commercial property business, The Staubach Company. It all started with an office and five workers. 

The firm had 50 sites and 1,100 workers in North America by mid-2000. After selling the company in 2008, the retired NFL player made $640 million. Still, he split the money with those who assisted him in developing it.

v- Emmitt Smith

Even while smashing milestones on the football field, the Dallas Cowboys legend has been trading in real estate ever since the 1990s. When Smith retired in 2004, he delved more into real estate, eventually forming E Smith Realty Partners in 2014. 

The famous Cowboy running back has now left his firm and joined up with Newmark Group to focus on corporate brokerage services to accomplish even better growth in the sector.

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