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National Ice Cream Day

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on July 18, 2021

Do you really need a reason to celebrate ice cream? I don’t! Ice cream is a blessing and during the blistering heat of July, it sounds like a fantastic idea to eat ice cream. Finding the right house, choosing the right realtor, are all things quite similar to eating deciding on the right kind of dessert.

Sample Email Template for National Ice cream Day

Email subject: Here’s some real estate scoop on National Ice Cream Day

Hello, {{contact.first_name}}!

It’s National Ice Cream day! A day almost anyone can get behind.

Agreeing on a favorite flavor…well, that’s another story.

What’s surprising is that if you Google what people’s favorite flavor of ice cream is, you’ll find tons of results that claim Vanilla is the most popular.

Seems crazy to me. There’s so many other awesome flavors. I almost never see someone ordering Vanilla at an ice cream place.

And, I hear and see the same stuff in terms of real estate…

Everyone seems to think that “vanilla” homes are the most popular with buyers. You know, “neutral” decor, paint, and no personal touches. Bland. Boring. Lacking “flavor”.

Real estate agents even advise people to make their house “vanilla” before going on the market.

The truth is, there are buyers who love and buy homes with “flavor”.

Now don’t get me wrong, a “vanilla” home will appeal to more people. And that can be good.

But to advise everyone to make their homes vanilla is silly.

Unique, even a kind of crazy “flavored” home can really appeal a specific buyer or two. Maybe not every buyer. But to those it does appeal to, you have a captive audience who can’t get what you got to give anywhere else.

Debating whether you should make your house “vanilla” or not, for the sake of selling it, boils down to how quickly you want it to sell…

If your home is “vanilla”, it will probably appeal to more people, and will therefore probably sell more quickly or readily.

But, if you have a home with some “flavor”, it might not appeal to tons of buyers, but it could translate into being worth more… to the right buyers.


Whatever dessert you choose, you should be sure that it is the right one. The right “one” in real estate, is someone, that stays within your eyeshot and always seems like they’re an email away!

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