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Buying A Home In Mississippi – The Birthplace Of The Iconic Elvis Presley

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on April 8, 2022

So, you’ve been thinking about buying a home in Mississippi, but all you know about the area is that it’s where “The King,” Elvis Presley, was born, and you know next to nothing about the property market there. That’s fine since we’ve taken the time to put up this handy guide to assist you.

That’s right, we’ve delved into the Magnolia State’s housing market to help you prepare for your mission. Certainly, if we were in your shoes, we’d want to read something like this. Let’s start now.

1- The Housing Market Of Mississippi

Mississippi’s housing market is now both a buyer’s and seller’s market. Because inventory is now limited, the growth of property prices is a little slow. So you’ll want to buy quickly, especially because rates of interest are on the increase and are at their highest level in years.

A 30-year permanent loan might currently have interest rates as high as 5%. Supply will probably rise shortly, which is a positive thing. Zillow gave the market a 3.2/10, showing that it is not strong. Anyhow, you should still be able to locate a suitable house according to your needs.

2- Hunting For Buying A Home In Mississippi

Madison is presently the talk of the town, with a population rise of 30% in the previous five years. It has a low crime rate and a fair amount of employment. It’s near the Jackson metro area. Madison has a small-town feel, wonderful food, vibrant art scene, and it’s great for families.

Madison’s average home price is $257,500. A house costs around $141 per square foot, while a house rents for roughly $1,780 per month. The average price of a home in this area is $339,950. Some development is taking place in the northern quadrant, near Olive Branch, but the majority is taking place in the south, around Hattiesburg and Jackson.

3- Costs And Property Values In Mississippi

For starters, Mississippi’s median house value is $123,200. Values appreciated 7.5 percent throughout 2021, and experts predict it to climb another 6 percent in the future year. The cost per square foot is around $92. Homes are now in the marketplace for a mean value of $182,000, with a monthly rental costing around $1,152.

The monthly rent ranges from roughly $400 for a one-bedroom/one-bathroom apartment to around $2,500 for a three-bedroom/three-bathroom apartment.

4- The Reasons For Moving And Buying A Home In Mississippi

Let’s discuss why people choose Mississippi for living purposes.

i- Education Affordability And Low-Cost Living – One reason For Buying A Home In Mississippi

Mississippi has a relatively low cost of higher education. The mean cost of higher education for in-state students is nearly $5000. Those who enjoy reading should celebrate. CNBC named Mississippi the least expensive state in 2018. put the total cost-of-living index at 88. The cost of housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation was all lower than the national average. Do you want to save some money? Make the move to Mississippi.

ii- One Of The Best Food Hub In America – Another reason For Buying A Home In Mississippi

Soul music isn’t the only genre of music that the locals like. They also consume a lot of soul food. Mississippi cuisine mainstays include biscuits & gravy, collard greens, okra, catfish, and cornbread. After relocating here, you may need to add some extra to your normal training program, but it’ll be smart to keep your palette satisfied.

Attractions In Mississippi

Okay, so now we know why someone could want to go to Mississippi, but what will they do once they arrive? We invited the locals to speak with us for a little longer so they could give us the inside info on some great things to do.

i- The Birthplace Of Elvis Presley

Many music enthusiasts believe the birthplace of Elvis Presley, which is in the little town of Tupelo, to be of the most essential importance in all of music history. You may take a tour of his boyhood house and learn about his early years at the museum. You’ll undoubtedly leave inspired, with over one track stuck in your mind.

ii- Vicksburg Military Park

This memorial commemorating the War of Vicksburg, which occurred during the Civil War, will appeal to history aficionados. The ancient trenches where the epic war of 1863 was fought are on a 20-mile stretch of ground.

iii- Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

This museum, in Jackson’s LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, includes 300 acres and 2.5 miles of trekking paths. It also has a 100,000-gallon aquarium with over 200 different animals. One can see a wall of fossils and exhibits on endangered species at Mississippi’s largest museum. Moreover, it’s a fantastic spot for exploring and watching animals.

iv- The Ship Island In Mississippi

This island in the Gulf of Mexico is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and is about 11 miles off the coast of Mississippi. Beaches, private cruises, holiday fireworks displays, and dolphin watching are just a few of the activities available.

v- Prairie Arts Festival

This festival, which is one of the top 10 events in the south, has been hosted at West Point every year for the past 38 years. This one-day festival includes arts and crafts, food, automobiles, music, and other classic southern delicacies. With over 600 exhibitors, it’s one of the country’s largest arts and crafts events. That’s quite an accomplishment.

vi- Tupelo Automobile Museum

In 2003, the Tupelo Automobile Museum was designated as the official vehicle museum of the state of Mississippi, marking the completion of founders Frank Spain and Max Berryhill’s 28 years of collecting. There are 150 cars in all in the collection, with some of them being rebuilt in open bays, as museum visitors observe.

With historically structured exhibit rooms, the automobiles on show depict the history of the automobile. Visitors can see the museum’s oldest item, an 1886 Benz, and may examine a variety of early automobiles, including an 1889 Knox Porcupine, a 1903 Cadillac, and a 1907 Ford Model R.

A 1994 Dodge Viper with barely 12 miles on the odometer is the museum’s newest automobile. Furthermore, a Lincoln formerly owned by Elvis Presley is also included in the collection.

vii- The Gulf Island’s Sea Shore

This seashore stretches from Mississippi’s Cat Island to Florida’s Santa Rosa Island’s eastern edge. Although most of the beachfront is underwater, the barrier islands provide white-sand beaches, coastal wetlands, and extensive marine forests.

Davis Bayou is easily accessible and lies on the mainland in Ocean Springs. Hiking routes, camping and picnicking places, historic forts, and other recreational options such as kayaking and snorkeling are all available.

viii- The Institute Of Marine Mammal Studies For Dolphin And Marine Lovers

The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies is a huge research and rehabilitation facility with an interactive exhibit that educates tourists about the ocean. It’s one of the few dolphin rescue centers on the Gulf Coast, and the team looks after a diverse range of marine mammals.

Visitors may learn about dolphins while seeing them interact with their trainers in the museum’s dolphin presentations, and those who want to get up and personal can sign up for a dolphin experience. Likewise, visitors may interact with species such as starfish, stingrays, sharks, and other aquatic life in the Discovery Room’s touch pools.

ix- Buying A Home In Mississippi Near The Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs is a small community about 2 miles east of Biloxi. With various art stores and workshops, it has become a refuge for artists and crafters. They also preserved a handful of antique cathedrals from the late 1800s in the town. Despite being severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina, Ocean Springs has made significant progress in its recovery.

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art, which showcases the art of Walter Inglis Anderson and his two brothers, is one of the town’s most well-known attractions. In addition, oil paintings, watercolors, sketches, and prints, as well as sculptures and ceramics, are among the works in the collection.

Buying A Home In Mississippi With Regentology

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