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Can You Buy A House With Crypto? Here’s What You Need To Know

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on April 12, 2022

Do you know you can buy a house with crypto? Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, you’ve almost certainly heard of the term ‘cryptocurrency.’ Even if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve certainly heard about Bitcoin. A form of cryptocurrency… whose name you’ve most probably heard before. Bitcoins, digital wallets, initial coin offerings, and other cryptocurrency buzzwords are increasingly appearing in real estate headlines. As a result, bitcoin and real estate are becoming increasingly linked.

Vacation homes, condos, dream homes, you can buy anything with a cryptocurrency. Blockchain-based technology is gaining a reputation in real estate. It is gaining traction as a mechanism for buyers, sellers, and investors to communicate and learn about properties.

1- Bitcoin: A Brief Summary

Bitcoin is a P2P (peer-to-peer) system that acts as virtual money for online transactions. The technology doesn’t require a central authority to oversee transactions, which is why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are so appealing.

Bitcoin grants its holders complete control as it cuts out middlemen and interest fees are virtually eliminated. You can manage money using Bitcoin without having a conventional bank account. Send money across borders without the hefty fee charges. To make transactions, all you need is a laptop or a cell phone. 

2- Buy A House With Crypto- A Viable Option

Bitcoin has produced a new type of riches. Especially for people who purchased it when bitcoin was selling at a lower value. As of today, Bitcoin is utilized in over 286,940 transactions every day. So the question arises, what if you use Bitcoin to conduct real estate transactions?

Make sure the seller takes bitcoins if you want to buy a house with crypto. If the seller refuses to do so, you must use a third-party website to change your Bitcoin into regular currency.

If the seller takes bitcoin, you’ll have to bargain for a bitcoin selling price. You can only use bitcoin to buy real estate if you don’t require a mortgage. This works similarly to purchasing as a cash buyer. Banks show reluctance toward such payment options. 

i- Why You Should Buy A House With Crypto?

Buying a home using bitcoins can be beneficial for you.  If you’ve made money with bitcoin, buying real estate with the currency is a good method to increase your gains. Real estate transactions favor cash purchasers. Adopting bitcoin gives you the same bargaining power as a cash buyer.

However, there are drawbacks to using bitcoin to purchase a home. One of the flip sides of using bitcoin to buy real estate is the shortage of sellers. There is a limited supply of homes for sale in bitcoins. You may have difficulty finding houses and need the assistance of a tax professional, as real estate transactions can be complicated.

3- What Future Holds For Crypto and Real Estate Markets

Buy a house with crypto, may appear as risky currently due to bitcoin’s varying trends. It will still take time for a crypto to become a popular thing in the buying and selling segment. However, there is one market where cryptocurrencies can become mainstream very soon: the rental market. 

The rental market is rapidly expanding, particularly among those between 30, and 35. Rental payments are clearly less expensive than buying a home. Millennials are not as hesitant about Bitcoin as older generations. Therefore, crypto can provide an alternative payment method that can be beneficial for millennials. Paying your rent with bitcoin could become a common occurrence in the not-too-distant future, leading to additional cryptocurrency sales.

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