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Craving Food? Try These 10 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on April 26, 2022

Planning a trip to Los Angeles City? You’ve probably got a list of things to do. After all, LA city has a lot to offer visitors and locals alike. Museums, parks, retail complexes, and other enjoyable activities are all present all year long. Aside from that, you’ll most certainly want to dine at some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles city. Good restaurants do more than just satisfy your hunger. They also lift your spirits. Continue reading to learn about the best restaurants in Los Angeles. 

1- Osteria Mozza

If you’re craving tasty Italian food, you can find this Michelin-star restaurant in Hollywood. Osteria Mozza is one of the best restaurants in Los Angele city, owned and operated by two people, Nancy Silverton and Joe Bastianich. 

The restaurant allows people to indulge in the goodness of fresh cheese and homemade pasta. It also introduced relatively unknown items that are now seen on menus across the city. Try their unique items, such as bitter Italian amaros and chicory salads. The restaurant exudes a timeless quality in both food and ambiance that has allowed it to remain relevant to this day.

2- Mori Sushi

Craving Japanese Sushi? Make sure you go to Mori Sushi, a Michelin-star awarded restaurant at 11500 W. Pico Boulevard, LA City. You can expect all the cuisine to be fresh and of top-notch quality. Most of the seafood items are sourced from organic farms in Los Angeles. They are obtained in the most sustainable way. 

When you visit Mori Sushi, make sure to indulge in delightful sashimi like yellowtail, mackerel, and soft tuna. The presentation and packaging in elegant containers and boxes are to die for. Order the Omakase recommended menu with a chef-choice appetizer and the finest sushi pieces and rolls for the ultimate Mori Sushi feast.

3- Dama

Feel like having good food with a tropical ambiance? Head over to LA’s Fashion District to enjoy Latin and Caribbean-inspired cuisine at Dama. Dama is one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles that makes you feel as if you’re on vacation. The open-air atmosphere with exotic plans, colorful paintings on walls, and fresh air gives you all sorts of pleasant vibes. 

The Michelin star restaurant offers some of the best wine and cocktails for you to relax. We suggest starting off with some of the restaurant’s best starters. Their crostini-bread appetizer served with heirloom tomatoes is a must. When sharing with friends, order the fiery clams & chorizo or the eye-catching linguica sausage pinwheel topped with an aromatic frisee salad. The restaurant is famous for its crispy pork with cream-dipped vegetables and cilantro on the side for the main course. Their bone-in-rib eye steak of 24 ounces is also mouth-watering. Finish off with a yummy dessert such as their churros served with cinnamon, sugar, and caramel sauce. 

4- Gracias Madre

Looking for vegan-based food in LA? Gracias Madre is one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles for vegan lovers located in West Hollywood. The elegant Mexican eatery specializes in plant-based cuisine, demonstrating Los Angeles’s imaginative and tasty vegan culinary scene. Several celebrities have been spotted enjoying Gracias Madre’s food. Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez, and Jessica Alba are among the celebrities who frequent the restaurant. 

Even if you’re a meat lover, you certainly won’t miss it here. The potato pimento flautas, jackfruit tacos, and mushroom fajitas will make you forget all your meat cravings. The talented chef Diana Biscoe has an ecological approach and makes sure to source all local ingredients. The restaurant practices sustainable ways, such as their zero-waste margaritas on the menu. They are made with leftover lime, juice, and orange peels. Gracias Madre offers indoor and outdoor dining options, as well as a craft agave bar. 

5- Bacari

Bacari is a well-known Mediterranean restaurant with a total of four branches in Los Angeles City. Executive chef Lior Hillel and co-owners Robert and Danny Kronfli cater to the local population, with each site catering to the vibe of the surrounding area. Their newest Silver Lake restaurant opened in June 2021 and became an instant sensation. 

Make sure to try their cicchetti-style delicacies, such as fries topped with a fried egg. Their larger plates like gorgonzola spaghetti and luscious lamb-stuffed eggplant are also mouth-watering. Every weekend, there is live music at the Silver Lake location and a late-night bar program. It offers beer, sangria, quirky wines, and specialty cocktails with homemade juices, syrups, and bitters.  

6- Park’s BBQ

Chef Jenee Kim, a native of Seoul, is the founder of the restaurant who decided early on at Park’s BBQ to serve USDA Prime and American wagyu beef. His decision led to the restaurant becoming the best Korean barbecue in the city. Order their “Taste of Park’s” barbecue platters to enjoy the restaurant’s bbq to the fullest.

 It provides a sample of the full range of offerings, including prime beef and boneless short ribs. They are marinated in the restaurant’s beloved soy, garlic, and brown sugar mixture; all served with a variety of banchan, including marinated tofu, vegetables, and more. The restaurant’s walls are covered in images of celebrities like David Chang and Anthony Bourdain, adding to the restaurant’s influence. 

7- Magari

Many find Magari a unique fusion of Japanese and Italian food, but it’s totally worth it! The 4.9-starred restaurant on google offers great taste and a combination of flavors melded together. The chefs are a trio, one belonging to Italy, one from Japan, and one from Boston. Hence, the unique menu. Beginners may have a hard time ordering the right Japanese Italian food. Once you get a hold of it, you won’t stop ordering. 

The meal in this stunning Hollywood dining room begins to take shape with small starter plates. Make sure to try their exceptional portions of pasta, such as the yuzu-tinted tagliatelle. Their popular dish is the grilled orata with katsuobushi acqua pizza. It’s intriguing to see what Magari can become and how it will fit into the booming Hollywood industry.

8- 71Above

71above is located in the heart of downtown LA. This modern American restaurant on the 71st floor of the 1,018-foot U.S. Bank Tower is one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles City. Customers enjoy their drinks with 360-degree views of the city. Their signature drinks are named after LA’s famous neighborhoods, such as Hollywood and Downtown. The drinks offer a blend of fortified wine and jalapeno vodka or a blend of cognac, apricot, and bourbon. 

Fortunately, the plates are just as amazing as the views from the peaks. Start your evening with caviar service. Try a range of seasonal delicacies such as heritage ham with garlic-cherry purée and exquisite handkerchief pasta with mushrooms. Sit at one of the two chef’s tables for a closer look at the activities in the kitchen. When making a reservation at the restaurant, request a window seat in the dining room to enjoy the best sunset views.

9- Rustic Canyon

Rustic Canyon is a Michelin Star-winning restaurant in Santa Monica that provides you meals with locally-sourced ingredients from ranchers and farmers. They purchase freshly caught seafood from local fishermen in the Pacific Ocean. Rustic Canyon serves small portions to share at the table so that everyone gets a chance to try their creative recipes. The menu is updated regularly to accommodate seasonal cuisine.

If you’re a salad lover, you will enjoy berries, avocados, beets, pistachio nuts, and quinoa, among their salad options. Salads featuring beets, berries, avocado, quinoa, and pistachio nuts are among the options at Rustic Canyon. For the main course, order the grass-fed flatiron steak with Romano beans. The bone-in pork chop with smoked trout roe sauce is also delicious. Try the coal-grilled maitake mushrooms with aged cheddar and fresh tomato if you want something more substantial.

10- Baja Subs Market and Delhi

If you’re in the mood for traditional food while also managing your budget, this Sri Lankan restaurant is the place for you. Despite the affordable prices, the menu and service of the restaurant are top-notch. You can enjoy savory dishes and enjoy massive portions. Come in for a pack of cigarettes, air freshener, or Gatorade, and leave with a takeout container full of homemade egg roti and string hoppers from Baja Subs. Another reason why LA is unique is this tiny Sri Lankan counter in the back of a Northridge convenience store.

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