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The Basic Features and Services of Regentology

Posted by techceptionpk_admin on December 7, 2022
Services of Regentology

What is Regentology?

Regentology is shortly used for real estate and technology. It is an American international real estate referral network. Globally, Regentology has an interlinked network with offices established in the USA, UK, Australia, and the Middle East. Regentology is a world of highly associated, always-on, highly assertive, and on-the-move consumers. 

Regentology is owned by Smart Start Real Estate Corporation, a US-based real estate company led by Usman Sayed. Regentology is a socially responsible company committed to using combined marketing and brand power as a positive catalyst for members. Regentology understands the power of consumers and how to use/ exploit these powers. In addition, they also have a voice that is easily reachable to all concerned, courtesy of today’s technical information.

Background / Origin of Regentology

The idea of Regentology came into its existence in August 2019. The thought was floated by Regentology’s founder Usman Sayed while standing in Time Square, NY, looking at an iPhone advertisement across from an android phone ad. The aim was to cater to the needs and problems faced by realtors in the USA and Canada. The company’s founder knew that real estate would never be the same shortly with all this technology around him. 

Real estate is now at a crossroads with technology; it isn’t just the internet or the regulators overseeing the massive cash that has hit the global economy. Now, it’s computers, smartphones, prospect/ contact management software, the internet, global positioning systems, online mapping, scanners, and more while keeping up with the traditions of providing that personal touch while growing and taking the business to the next phase. Usman knew that there was still a lot to be learned from everything deployed around us, but one thing that would never change was having the right people at the right places.

Regentology commenced its proper operation in January 2020. However, the Company’s founder understood that the world is becoming highly connected and always-on, creating highly opinionated consumers who old rules will no longer define. The next generation will have higher expectations, and they will have more choices than ever before. Along with those choices, the next generation of consumers will also have a voice that will be loud and reachable, courtesy of the technology being deployed.

The only issue was that the next generation needed to be prepared to use all this technology as they were still learning, and the right time to connect the technology and its genuine user was yet to come. So after years of trial and error, the idea of Regentology was refined and deployed on January 1st, 2021, into what it has become today. Regentology aims to connect those highly opinionated, on-the-move consumers with the best professionals based on consumer requirements, all while simplifying the complexity of one of the biggest investments clients make (our home) using technology and a human-powered approach to connect consumers with the best real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals in the area.

It is pertinent to highlight that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Regentology kept growing while keeping its team spirits and motivation high. After one year, Regentology became the fastest-growing network in the USA and Canada. Presently, approximately 3500 realtors are working with Regentology, and these numbers keep growing with each passage of the day. The Regentology team regularly put much effort and time into making this project the absolute best.

Services Offered by Regentology

For customer service, Regentology generates thousands of leads around the web, thus, enabling it to provide the most critical and relevant information. Customers are supposed to pay a referral fee only for successful closings and growing their businesses. Regentology serves its customers based on a customer-first policy. Regentology serves its customers with a relationship on equal terms rather than just numbers or accounts. Regentlogy is available to its customers 24/7 and at any place. Services of Regentology include its customers’ identity, privacy, and money and create communities. Regentology doesn’t stop at satisfied customers; on the contrary, Regentolgy goes above and beyond and makes fans while offering its services. Different types of services provided by Regentology are:-

  • Buying. Regentology helps customers to buy houses at competitive rates with absolute clarity rather than expanding unnecessary amounts. Thus, the company tries to assist its buyers in getting the best mortgage rate while saving thousands of dollars over the life of loans. Therefore, Regentology eliminates the stress and hassle of finding a suitable mortgage offering the same through a proper professional.
  • Selling. Regentology assists customers through experienced and professional real estate agents to sell homes at the earliest and best possible rates. Regentology provides multiple offers to customers to sell their homes while offering free consultations in their area.
  • Home Loan. Regentology offers its customers the best competitive loan rates available in the region. A team of loan officers will be upfront and honest while providing the loan services of Regentology. This team possesses trusted experts who will help its customers to understand the loan process and help in making the right decision that best suits the customer’s situation. This team will also guide customers to explore other options while financing on the right path, from finding a perfect home to getting a loan that fits customer needs. Regentology has also made the most effortless online application process for a home loan for customers to save time and money. 
  • Insurance. Regentology also offers its customers the proper homeowner’s insurance coverage to protect their homes and valuable possessions in any disaster. Regentology agent partners work one-on-one with their customers to get the best rates and policy that meets the needs to protect home and peace of mind for customers. The perfect insurance plan is hard to find, but Regentology assesses the exact needs and connects the customers with the best insurance agents. They will assist in pairing the best carriers for the situation.
  • CRM Features. Regentology provides state-of-art Ai-based CRM features so users can manage all their leads and active clients under one platform without juggling different forums. Also can track the progress of leads, active clients, team members, tasks, funnels, and many more. CRM features can help to build a business, automate marketing, stay organized and follow up effectively. CRM features can benefit import databases from CRM, Automatic lead import, Automated drip campaigns, Automated task management, Lead and activity notifications, Pipeline management, Team collaboration, Round-robin lead distribution, Email & text templates, Email open & click tracking, Deal tracking, Calendar + appointments, Twilio integration, Voicemail drops, and SMS/MMS. Regentology offers three plans:-
    • Solo Plan. This offer has been developed for a single user costing $49 per month. It offers a dialer, two-ways texting, email marketing, and pre-written templates.
    • Team Plan. This offer has been developed for a team of up to 10 x users, costing $99 per month. In addition to everything the solo plan offers, tracking & analytics, sales funnels, surveys & forums are offered by the team plan.
    • Brokerage Plan. This offer has been developed for a team of up to 30 x users, costing $199 per month. In addition to everything offered by the team plan, Chat Widget, tracking & analytics, and the website builder are also offered by Brokerage Plan.
  • Virtual Assistant. Regentology provides a virtual assistant that is perfectly matching real estate requirements. There are no requirements for contracts, setup fees, or hidden fees. The three plans offered by Regentology for virtual assistants are described below:-
    • Part-Time Virtual Assistant(VA). This package is offered at the rate of $899 per month (20 hrs/ wk). A real estate ISA may solve problems and could be of great help, irrespective of the survey carried out by the client. Real estate VAs will ensure that the user/ client is generating all leads including circle prospecting, geo-farming, & FSBOs, calling past clients and working referrals. Real estate will make sure that opportunities are not being missed for more business as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire a trained real estate ISA to take charge of inside sales and expand the depth & scope of phone prospecting, lead generation, nurturing & follow-up. Tasks that will be tackled by the part-time VA are:-
  • Cold Calling
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Data Entry
  • CRM Management
  • Coordinating Events
  • Scheduling and Reminders
  • Full-Time Dedicated Virtual Assistant. This package is offered at the rate of $1599 per month (40 hrs/wk). Prospecting and lead generation are time-consuming, and realtors often find that the busier they become working deals & servicing customers, the harder it is to find time to prospect for new ones. Real estate ISA will stay on top of the requirements of the realtor and work hard to ensure that realtors keep in touch with existing & past clients. Therefore, it is best for a realtor to hire a full-time Real Estate ISA to take over the prospecting and expand lead generation efforts & keep social media up to date. Regentology’s VAs will help to generate more leads, qualify them and allow realtors to focus on selling and generating commissions. In addition to warm & cold calling, your full-time ISAs can be of great assistance with lead screening & pre-qualification, lead nurturing, prospect & client follow-up calls & more. Tasks that will be tackled by the full-time dedicated VA are:-
  • Cold Calling
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Data Entry
  • CRM Management
  • Coordinating Events
  • Scheduling and Reminders
  • Social Media Posting
  • Light Bookkeeping
  • Research and Reporting
  • Full-Time Sales & Marketing Team. This package is offered at the rate of $4499 per month (Specialized Team). This is Regentology’s way to grow Realtors’ team without Overheads, Recruitment, and Employee Management Headaches. Regentology’s Full-Time Sales & Marketing team work under an umbrella of support which gives them access to a variety of professionals who are backed by our infrastructure. This team will assist to help to gain more clients and building a brand, all while working seamlessly behind the scene. Tasks which will be tackled by the Full-time Sales & Marketing Team are:-
  • Dedicated Team Manager
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Digital Marketing
  • CRM Management
  • Blog Post Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Coordinating Events
  • Scheduling and Reminders
  • Website Maintenance


Regentology is built explicitly for the Realtors for upcoming generations to come, and it provides a compact referral platform to its customers. All services of Regentology are at a pretty reasonable cost, and Regentology doesn’t just stop at satisfied customers. It goes above and beyond, creates fans, listens to customers, and provides excellent service. Except for a one-time sign-up fee, there are no upfront costs. One only has to pay for leads that close. This sounds like a good deal for realtors struggling with platforms like this to assist them in their business. It is officially the fastest-growing referral network in the United States. In such a short time, it has gained immense popularity and has grown exponentially. No other referral network could acquire the number of clients Regentology has in such a short time and this is a significant achievement for the team at Regentology.

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